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Hari Sharma

Profile Updated: May 29, 2009
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Residing In:
piscataway, NJ USA
financial advisor
colin born 4-26-09
Yes! Attending Reunion

been a bad fellow spartan friend...dropped off the map when I had to move with the fam to cleveland to finish my senior year of high school. very hard to get over WSHS family without quitting cold turkey. so happy to start reconnecting with you all. Cleveland was good to me though, met wife monica married 10 yrs. was tennis pro turned financial advisor in 2002 when i moved to jersey, and had first kid last month!

School Story:

In 8th grade, Terry Halford told me that if I didn't let him cheat off me on Mrs. Whitehead's history test that he would put a joint in my locker and tell Mr. Coffee to search it between periods. During the test he rolled a fake joint wth a piece of paper and kept smoking it every time I looked at him. I let him cheat and he did the last couple questions on his own to throw off the teach. He turned in his paper, and I changed half my answers afterwards.After papers graded and returned he noticed how different our grades were and chased me thru the school when the bell rang. I keep thinking that 10 years later I would have loved his offer instead of being scared, and for the rest of high school I seem to remember Terry chasing me for some reason or another while we all laughed and were thankful he never caught us.

Tell us about your "15 Minutes" - have you ever met anyone famous?

While being the tennis pro at the CSC in cleveland in 1996, I got a call that a young upstart was in town to meet her agent at IMG, and needed a place to practice and someone to play with. So at 6am only slightly hung over at 25 yrs. old I have the no shower, unshaven hat on and pulled low to keep the light out look going for me. Who shows up to hit...a 16 yr. old with her mother/coach in tow. Not only did I get my butt run all over the place, by a girl who looked more like a Tweenie celebrity than a tennis player. But all my kid stutents showed up at the end of our workout to make fun of how whipped I was. I guess I got the last laugh when she ended up being Anna Kournikova.

How did you meet your spouse? How long have you been together?

At a friend's BBQ...no it wasn't as good as a memphis bbq...thank goodness or I would have had sauce all over my face and monica would probably never wanted anything to do with me. We have been together for 12yrs. and married for 10.

Care to share your most embarrassing high school moment?

you all know those better than me. why relive everything!

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Hari Sharma has a birthday today.
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Hari Sharma has a birthday today.
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Hari Sharma has a birthday today.
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Hari Sharma has a birthday today.
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Hari Sharma has a birthday today.
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